5 and a Half Days in L.A. (cont.)

After Zach and I had an activity packed day, he ended up having to work the rest of the week. 😦
Luckily I have blood in North Hollywood so I hopped from Zach’s couch to my cousin’s couch. This was the chill section of the trip where I was able to decompress and disconnect a little more, although not completely. On Wednesday, we went to the Getty Museum. There were some pretty famous works and amazing works of art but I have to say that the actual architecture and grounds of the museum were the most amazing aspect of the place. Each room in the museum was so freaking peaceful and lit perfectly from sunlights in the ceiling. And the outside of the museum speaks for itself; impossible stone structures that work with the landscaped cactus garden and pond maze. Basically, it was a really cool place to come and chill out for a bit; especially if you have a lady-friend, which I didn’t but I’ll be sure to bring whoever that is back with me on all my travels I have done this far… assuming she likes to travel. Sigh.

After the graceful calm of the museum, my cousin and I hit up a par three golf course with 2×4’s of Busch in hand. One of his friends, Matt, just happened to be at the driving range so we met up with him and our threesome was on it’s way. Matt was definitely the most colorful person I’ve met in L.A. and of course, he was from Chicago. Literally ever sentence Matt uttered had the f-bomb in it at least twice. For example after Sean and I had parred on a hole, “Nice shots you f*ckin’ f*cks!”. I liked Matt. He was also extremely generous and a very genuine, energetic dude. That night, we hit up the Whiskey Bend for some darts and pool and Landshark Lager – Jimmy Buffet’s new beer that is sold by Anheuser Busch and which as a result, my cousin and I were able to drink it for free. That was a good night 🙂

My last day in Los Angeles was spent saying goodbye to Sean (who was headed to the motherland of Ireland, for a Bass Ale promotional trip his roommate had won) and figuring out how I was going to make my way to San Diego. This doesn’t seem like it would be a big deal but I was wrong. Here’s how it went down:
• Wake up at 6:30 a.m. to pack and poop, brush teeth and soak in the patio for a little bit.
• Receiving a call 15 minutes early from the taxi company I had scheduled the night before to pick me up at Zach’s apartment
• Hurried hustling.
• Cab Ride – $12 for 2 Miles
• Purchase ticket to L.A. Union Station via Metrolink – $3.50 for 10 miles
• Wait for an hour talking to my mother at 7:30 a.m. and freezing my ass off at the train stop.
• Buying a ticket, finding the next train to Laguna Niguel, double checking to make sure I was on the right train. – $7.25 (50 Miles?)
• Arriving at Laguna Niguel waiting for my friend Keith who happened to be working there for a few months.
• Driving through San Juan Kah-Pee-Strahn-NO! getting gas and breakfa
• Arriving in San Diego at Noon-Thirty and being swept up by the huge arms of the legend Josh Boston.

And there I was. In a new, completely different city from L.A. unaware of the new sights and adventures I would experience there…


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