5 and a Half Days in L.A.

I have found a solid 50 minutes to write my next entry as I sit on a Metrolink train bound for San Juan Capistrano. I really like to say the name of that city repetitively for periods (so far) lasting up to 36 seconds. Kah-pee-strah-NO. Try it. It’s slightly addictive.

My five-day tenure in Los Angeles was pretty great. I actually got to sleep in one day and take time to try and disconnect from life back in Saint Louis. It’s harder than I would imagine, especially in my professional situation as of now. When I was working a solid corporate job 40+ hours a week, it was easy to disconnect from the daily stress and grind of cubicle life. I pretty much flushed my brain free the instant I left the parking lot. A great relief would sweep through me and the few waking hours I had left seemed like sweet freedom. If I was on vacation, I though nothing of my work life back home and nothingness was able to flow thru me freely granting me a reprieve from my indentured servitude. Now that I’m my own boss, it’s a little harder to disconnect. There are no more paid vacations and I have to be constantly thinking about how to make my next dollar. It’s exciting and helps me gain character and confidence as Kevin Kelly but it also is much hard to stop thinking about work without feeling guilty. For example, laying by the pool in my cousin’s apartment complex all I could think about was a quote I had to write up and future photography trips I might be going on (which I am! Check Schedule above!) I eventually did find rest in the evenings hanging out with my cousin Sean at some local dive bar or playing Edward 40Hands with Zach. ☺

Los Angeles was great but I’m pretty sure it was great because I was only there for 5 days. That, and the weather was amazing. After a few days, I realized a large majority of everyone that I talked to was there to become “successful” and “famous”. I’m pretty sure I didn’t meet a single person who was originally from L.A. Walking down Hollywood, I couldn’t help but notice these street performers dressed up as fictional movie characters. Batman was there in elevator shoes and fake pads to make him look bigger. Freddie Krueger wearily sighed to Zorro having to stand in the sun by the Chinese Mann Theater (sp?) to get the greater amount of foot traffic. Only spiderman across the street, half undressed and smoking a cigarette, looked like he could care less if the kids notice that his gloves were ripped and that he was wearing cowboy boots, which I’m pretty sure he doesn’t wear in the movies. It was a street of people acting like fictional characters so they could pay bills. I thought for a second what made them decide that they wanted to imitate a fictional character in public to make money. Of course a job is a job and who am I to judge?

It was pretty cool to do the whole standing-in-the-foot-and-hand-prints-of-movie-stars. I guess the obvious notice was that everyone had smaller feet and hands than I would expect. I mean, you would think the hands of the actor that play Indiana Jones would be massive, right? I was also amazed at the amount of names I had never heard before but who were obviously important/”famous” enough to have their identity cemented permanently. I wonder if a kid will be looking at Harrison Ford’s name in 40 years asking themselves “who?” Actually that probably happens now anyways.

It was good to see my friend Zach, that’s for sure. We always like to get into long-winded talks covering a little bit of everything. This time we covered ground in love, relationships, reality, the concept of happiness, and former head evangelicals who turned out to be hippocritical meth-loving gay male whoremongers – the usual fare. We had one stellar day where we hit up the classic North Hollywood Diner, strolled along the beaches of Malibu, saw some twig n’ berries, bounced to Tupac, climbed beach boulders, sat in a cave, played 36 holes of Frisbee golf, and retired the day on his amazing patio. All in all a pretty perfect day for a laidback trip. (To be cont.~ )


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