For a second there I thought you disappeared…

From the Wasatch Mountains of northern Utah to the beaches of Malibu in California is where I have been wanderlusting around for this past week and GOOD GOD I love it. I finally have a break from busting around the slopes and beaches to write a little so I am going to take advantage of this moment.

Utah –
Utah was basically nonstop activity, and when it did stop, my consciousness quickly stopped and I ended up sleeping wherever I was. Everyday, me and my posse of park citians woke up at the crack of 7:30 to get to the slopes by the 9 am open. Then from 9 am – 4 pm, the ol’ body was put through the alpine test while only periodically breaking for quick snacks. As I sit here in my cousin’s apartment in LA, I can still feel every jump, box, and rail from the terrain parks and fall, wipeout, and crash from going in the back country and trying to lose myself in the powder. It was easily the best snow I’ve ever been on; thick powder that made me feel as if I was cascading across clouds. Since the powder was a little wet it was slightly hard to get out of – especially on a head first dive into powder where you can’t move anything below your arms 🙂

I feel as if you can’t really write about this too much. Skiing and being in the mountains is something that has to be experienced firsthand instead of rehashed through words that don’t do it justice. You take in so much raw nature and then think about everything you’ve just seen as you ride the chairlift back up to the top (assuming you don’t meet some of the varied and laidback personalities that happen to be flitting around the same mountain). There’s a fairly wide array of people on the slopes, especially a high percentage of tan-faced and squishy clothed girls that are super gorgeous and have super nice personality. I could easily live there. 🙂

After a long ass day of joint wrecking fun, we’d retire to the cabin and eat unprecedented quantities of food & drink before playing games, hot-tubbing or falling asleep watching a flick. I did make it through Atonement which was pretty good I suppose. The weather warmed up on the last day and I did my traditional half naked jump out of the woods which left me unscathed. Unfortunately I only skiied in my t-shirt for the rest of the day and now I have a super gay sunburn; the big goggles, the red neck with a perfect line and super blazing arms with white glove-covered hands. Super gay. My body is in shambles but nothing permanent (like my snowboard bud who broke a rib) which is great. I got pretty motivated talking to a photographer who moved out to Salt Lake City for climbing and school and made it sound very appealing what with the plethora of outdoor sports and activities that abound a short distance away…

California –
I hop into my cousin’s (Sean) brand new car after busting hump around LAX.  He’s seated in the front wearing aviators and flip flops with his friend (Jaden), a stylish black dude with a head wrap and tight t-shirt talking about what clubs we’ll be headed to tonight and all of the sudden, I’m in Los Angeles. We’re right by the ocean in Santa Monica and it is some of the best air I have ever breathed in my life. We drive around the massive expanse that is LA while trying to find our way to a pool hall. The sun is setting over the ocean and everywhere I look is something that is completely unforgettable (that I can’t recall at the moment :)).

Flying into LAX was incredible. The landscape is diverse and amazing and peppered with easily definable houses that all have blue dots behind them. The only thing I could think of during my descent though was M.A.S.H. You know the beginning where the helicopter is flying through the mountains and foothills and actors in drab green are running around looking militant while that unforgettable theme song drones? That’s what it’s like flying into LA. I swear I saw the foothills where they filmed MASH. It was one of the few landings that I can remember looking out the window the entire 30 minutes previous.

Now, I’ve always been skeptical of California in that it’s just another place. You know countless friends and bands that have moved out here to “make it”. But from the instant I stepped down Santa Monica (on the pier walk I think?) I fell a little in love. It was a sunday night but the place was bustling with street performers, families, crazy homeless people, and groups of kids all just chilling. I can’t say how much I love the air. It’s just really good summer air that you only get a few months out of the year back in the midwest. I took a couple deep breaths before heading into the biggest damn pool hall I’ve seen. I talked it up with some of my cousin’s friends and some locals before heading to Universal Studios for dinner and to meet up with my good friend Zach.

Zach and I had some crazy good times that I will talk about soon but my legs are numb and I’m tired of sitting here typing instead of being out in the warm LA day. Soon…


One response to “For a second there I thought you disappeared…

  1. Hey Kevin – wow. That sounds like quite the laid back adventure you’re having. I love the way you write, too. I totally agree with your thoughts about being on the slopes and taking in nature. My mind is now wandering (so much for focusing on work).

    I hope you’ve packed your helmet

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