Travel Plans

The schedule for the next 4 months of my traveling plans has been updated and I’m getting pretty excited for these new experiences. 🙂

Utah/Cali will be pretty much a pleasure trip for the most part. I’ll be hitting the slopes in northern Utah (Park City) before heading to California (L.A. & San Diego) to visit friends and family.

Germany/Italy will be a combination pleasure/work trip. I’ll be hanging out with my sister and nephew for a week in their sleepy village of Seubersdorf before heading to the beaches of southern italy to photograph a summer military-youth camp my brother-in-law is in charge of… for 3 weeks! I’ve heard there will be some nice traveling as well as a weekend in Cinque Terre. Cinque Terre is 5 villages connected together & encapsulated by a national park. I think I will like this very much.

Black River Lodge The very day I get back from the southern beaches of Italy I will be heading to southern rock beaches in ozarkian missouri to a vacation spot i have been going to for the last 25 years – literally ever since I was a fetus in my mother’s stomach. And while i may have missed the 4th of july week a few times, i have made it down every year. This year, barring death or dismemberment will be no different. What better way to fight jet lag than with floating trips, heavy fried foods, bonfires, washers, mini putt-putt, poker, bud light and one of the most memorable places I’ve been to in this vast world?

India (Round Two) This is something that I can’t really talk about but I have the good possibility of going on a trip to Northern India to work on an undisclosed project. More on this as it develops.

And that’s the summary of everything I know as of right now. There are other possibilities to hit some places I’ve never been to, but for right now I’m only focusing on actual plans and steep possibilities 😉

As for today, I’m busily working on my design/photography portfolio as a healthy dumping of 8 inches of snow hastily melts away in the march sun. On a bad note, I believe I’m still feeling the effects of my India disease. After biking and moving furniture all day Sunday (in wonderful 75 degrees weather which was right before the 8-10 inches of snow) I began to have another sore throat on monday. My energy has been retarded after trying to run a few miles on saturday and biking on sunday. After sledding last night (and saying screw you to my sore throat and low energy) it has started to dissipate. My energy dissipation was noticed mostly by chugging up art hill after I had successfully launched myself into the hay bales lining the bottom. Many of my friends are smokers and they were easily passing me on the way to the top. As a result of sledding, I came home and showered and (after digging someone’s toothbrush out of a toilet and having a concert given to me by a drunken friend) proceeded to sleep for 10 hours. I’m pounding the vitamin C and hoping the warm weather will help me get back to normal!


2 responses to “Travel Plans

  1. Wow – you really are having quite the adventure. The travel addict within is screaming with jealousy. I took a quick look at your India stories and will have to curl up and get cozy to read through them. Even the title “black boogers” brought me back to my adventures there. And the “everything is covered in a layer of fecal matter”. You’ll enjoy the north for sure. The mountains are spectacular and it’s like another planet compared to the rest of India. Oh, how I love that intense country of extremes. As for Italy, I have spent several months there (largely in the south) and it’s wonderful. I’m also sure you will love Cinque Terre. It’s right up your ally (though possibly not daring enough). Feel free to pick my brain if you’re looking for things to see or do while you’re there. Bella Italia, como si amo.

  2. I think the return trip to India is becoming less of a possibility as time goes on which honestly doesn’t bother me at this time 🙂 It’s great to hear from you! I just got back from the cali. trip and am trying to readjust to stress. Blech. I’ll shoot ya an email here sooner or later!

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