That’s the noise the internet should have made after I created my blog. Instead my laptop just kept humming along with it’s whisper-quiet fans at 2000 rpm. This is my second attempt at a blog – my first was called Daily Diaper and was located on my personal site, www.gentletrouble.com, until MediaTemple changed their servers over. I’m too lazy and technically inept to care or want to change it back over, hence ‘You Must Be Bored.’ (title subject to change). Daily Diaper was boring too. 

I’m creating this now as a travel blog for 2008 and a big online post-it note for any rantings or writings I feel like sharing with the four people who may stumble upon it.

I leave for India on Saturday @ 9 a.m.
Hold on to your butts.  


3 responses to “Ka-Blao!

  1. I like the Jurassic Park reference.

  2. Great, so, how’s the food?

  3. Thanks for clarifying, “twig with berries…”

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